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Watch the animation above to learn how Tangelo can simplify and streamline your annual reporting process.

Publish Print and Web Reports From a Single Source

From a single consolidated source, simultaneously publish your financial reports to multiple channels, including print, web, and mobile. Tangelo empowers your team to work in one centralized document on the cloud. Tangelo can instantly create polished versions in PDF and websites formats — you can even generate PDFs and website previews at any time.

Your online reports are powerful, functional, and robust: allow readers to interact with dynamic charts, download select sections, export data directly into Excel, view web-only videos, and much more.


Collaborate in Real-Time Anywhere, Anytime

Collaborate in Real-Time Anywhere, Anytime Multi-user authoring lets your whole team work from one document via the cloud. Streamline your workflows by assigning users particular permissions and approval powers. Tangelo makes it easy with robust version control, change management, and task management features


Interface with Excel for Accurate Figures

Triple-checking figures can get tiresome — particularly when they’re constantly changing. With Tangelo, you can link elements from tables, paragraphs, and dynamic graphs to Excel cells and worksheets. As your numbers change, simply sync the latest Excel sheet to automatically update every linked element across the entire report


Publish Professional Reports In-House

You don’t need to outsource typesetting to costly design agencies – let alone the numerous corrections you’ll require as your report develops. Tangelo makes it simple to create professional reports and polished websites entirely in-house, saving your team time, resources, and frustration.


Enforce Cohesive Designs & Styles

Never worry about individual authors messing with your style. Tangelo Software works with you and any design partners from the start to establish a consistent brand style, including font, typesetting, colors, images, and layout. Whether you want to replicate earlier reports or go in a new direction, these design guidelines are automatically enforced throughout your document, streamlining design and ensuring a beautiful final product.


With Tangelo, your team can easily write, manage, and publish:

  • Annual Reports, Interim Reports, & Quarterly Statements
  • Form 10-K & Form 20-F
  • Remuneration Reports, Financial Statements, & Budget Reports
  • Press Releases, Proxy Statements, & More
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  • “Tangelo greatly reduces the workload, especially in the final stages of the annual report publication process, thus allowing more time for content-related quality control.”

    —Pascal Sluijter, Investor Relations Officer, Randstad Holding nv

  • “Tangelo has had a phenomenal impact on our half and full year-end reporting journey. It’s a highly efficient, user-friendly tool, backed by an agile, accommodating team.

    Overall, it’s saving us more than 1,000 hours of effort each year in the creation of just 8 documents, largely driven by the automation that allows us to work smarter. Previously, it’d take us 8 hours to refresh our 130-page document—now it’s just 5 minutes.

    The tool itself is highly collaborative, allowing us to review and communicate within the system. With almost all technical barriers removed from the process, staff satisfaction has increased dramatically ”

    –Service Delivery Manager, External Reporting, Major Melbourne-based bank