The Dutch Ministry of Finance Selects Tangelo as a Software Supplier

September 17, 2019 marked a significant milestone for Tangelo Software. As a part of Budget Day proceedings in the Netherlands, the Dutch government presented its national budgets (“Miljoenennota”) and plans for the coming year—publications that, for the first time, were created on our platform.

“We’re proud to have helped produce the Dutch government’s most important publications,” said Rene Tensen, Managing Director of Tangelo.

And this is only the beginning.

The search for a digital solution

In addition to publishing Budget Day plans in September, the Ministry of Finance also publishes intermediate plans in spring/autumn and a financial annual report in May.

More than 500 civil servants are involved in budget realization—many of whom have their own method of delivering data. Back in 2018, they were still working with print proofs. Since documents were typeset and produced in various formats, every inevitable change necessitated manual corrections.

Now, they were ready to reimagine their reporting process. An article published last year describes the Ministry of Finance’s search for a Digital Authoring Environment. After careful consideration, they chose Tangelo as a software supplier—with Dutch publishing company Sdu as a partner. “Thanks to our cooperation with Tangelo, we have been able to innovate with our customer,” said Sander de Groot, CEO of Sdu.

Finally, a solution had been found—it was time for a digital transformation.

Tangelo’s single source approach

In Tangelo, all users work from a single source and have a standard way of delivering text and data. Tangelo automatically applies correct layouts and styling, and users can immediately preview their contributions and changes in the official document format.

Since all data is entered in a single source, every change in data is accurately and automatically applied to all output formats. As a partner, Sdu is responsible for software rollout and project management—ensuring that all documents are available at the right time and in the right place.

With Tangelo and Sdu by their side, the Ministry of Finance can now fast-track production. Going forward, governmental departments will be able to provide data in a uniform way—saving time and lending structure to the reporting process.

Eliminating inefficiencies—and accelerating progress

Five ministries are currently using Tangelo, with seven others in the onboarding process. “It’s now much calmer just before the deadline,” said Maurice Dister, Head of Budget Management for the Ministry of Finance. “Getting the last little things right is much easier because we can do it ourselves. No more hassle with versions and layout.”

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The national budgets and plans produced with Tangelo are published in a variety of formats—including PDF and XML—and made available online at and