How Tangelo Works

Using the Tangelo platform to create, manage, and publish polished documents and web pages is easy. Since the platform is entirely web-based, you can securely access it anywhere, anytime. To keep your documents safe, we provide each user with a dedicated token and encrypt all data every step of the way.

Once you’re logged in, simply follow these steps to create professional documents and websites.

1. Choose a Document Type

If you’re starting a new project, choose the type of document you want to create — such as an annual report, marketing piece, policy document,contract, or more.

2. Build a Table of Contents

Start outlining your project’s content through a versatile table of contents. Sections can contain multiple sub-sections and can be minimized and expanded at will for quick access. You can edit it at anytime to add sections or grant access and permissions to particular users.

3. Write & Edit Your Content

Select a section to start collaborating with your team to write and edit in Tangelo’s intuitive online editor. As a fully equipped WYSIWYG editor that mimics Microsoft Word, the Tangelo platform is incredibly easy to master. No need to worry about formatting or design — your pre-approved style guidelines are automatically applied for streamlined workflows, consistent branding, and a professional look and feel.

4. Link to Excel (Optional)

If you’re working on a financial report or another project that relies on figures, you can link and sync certain elements to Excel cells and worksheets. Create dynamic graphs, tables, and in-paragraph figures that all automatically update when you sync a newer version of the Excel file.

5. Generate PDF and Online Previews

At any step along the way, you can instantly create full previews of your project in multiple formats. See any part or all of your content as print ready or lightweight PDFs, interactive web pages, and even functional mobile apps.

6. Approve & Publish

Once they’ve seen the previews, users with the highest permissions can approve your documents and publish PDFs, websites, and mobile apps instantly. Your PDFs are available at high-resolution, high-DPI settings with crop marks for polished printing. Websites can be scheduled to launch at specific times or manually published exactly when you want, such as directly after a press conference — and not a moment before

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