Get Started With Tangelo

Empower your team with Tangelo’s powerful enterprise solution. Produce professional branded documents, streamline workflows across departments, and save valuable resources.

Implementing Tangelo is easy: we’ll get you all set up with online access and provide user support every step of the way.

1. Choose a Package

Tangelo is a powerful, versatile, and modular platform — there’s no need to pay for certain modules you won’t use. We’ll help you determine which package is right for your needs, saving your resources and ensuring you understand the full breadth of Tangelo’s capabilities.

2. Select a Cloud Setup

Choose a private cloud or shared cloud environment; both options are fully secure and certified. Our team and partners will implement, configure, and host your solution according to your business’s needs. On-premise server installation is also available if necessary.

3. Configure Your Style Guidelines

Next, we’ll work with you and any designers to solidify your branded style guidelines and templates. These will be automatically applied to all your Tangelo projects, streamlining the layout process immensely and saving you time and money.

Whether you’d like to bring in your own graphic or web designers or tap into our trusted design partners, we can precisely replicate existing designs or help you go in a new direction. Tangelo’s formatting options are extremely flexible to fit your requirements for polished annual reports, marketing collateral, internal documents and more.

4. Expand Your Team with Additional Services and Support (Optional)

When you’ve got a platform as powerful as Tangelo, you want to make the most of it. That’s why we’re happy to provide additional assistance to help you achieve your goals, from setup to success. If you find you need extra services for your publication project — whether it’s design, writing, project management, or simply some extra hands — the Tangelo Software team and our trusted partners are here to fill the gaps. It’s all part of our comprehensive commitment to you, our valued users.

Supplemental Support

To help guide you, all Tangelo clients receive robust product support — including training, online documentation, and end-user assistance. During peak periods, your organization may need more intensive incidental support. Our team can provide 24/7 end-user and technical support to ensure your most critical periods run smoothly.

Communications, Design, & Project Management

Take full advantage of Tangelo with our skilled partners. Whether you’re looking for modern graphic design, sharp communication strategies, adept writing, or comprehensive investor relations consultation, we’re more than happy to deliver value-added services through partnered organizations we know, trust, and respect. Not only are they extremely familiar with the Tangelo platform, they’ll also work closely with you to understand your particular configuration and business needs.

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