Wrapping Up the ‘15/’16 Annual Report Season

The 2015/2016 annual report season is a wrap—and what a season it’s been!

Our clients created nearly 100 annual reports with Tangelo this year, with Q-Park’s recent release capping off one of the strongest seasons we’ve ever seen.

We’re proud to share a few of our favorite highlights from the season, including innovative features and stunning reports, all created with Tangelo

Client Spotlight: SNS Bank’s Stunning Design

This is simply one of the finest examples of an annual report this year. SNS Bank, Netherland’s fourth-largest bank, published both a PDF report and, for the first time, an online report.

The print report is large—as is typical for financial services clients, who benefit tremendously from Tangelo’s Excel interface feature. The bank also made great use of our chart generation capabilities.


The online version features an absolutely gorgeous design by Youwe. We love the scrollable home page, dynamic visualizations of key metrics, and tablet-optimized design. Which brings us to our next highlight of the season…

Rising Trend: Tablet Optimization

Online, interactive annual reports have been on the rise for a few years now, but this season saw companies truly master the medium with beautiful, tablet-optimized designs.

With long scrollable pages, large engaging fonts, and intuitive swipe navigations, there’s never been a better time to dive into an annual report on your tablet.


Rising Trend: GRI Indices

Companies, particularly those in Europe, are widely adopting integrated reporting—the practice of combining financial data with sustainability metrics. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index makes it easy for companies to provide non-financial results in a standard way.

Plenty of our clients are already incorporating the indices, including Schiphol Group, SBM Offshore, Philips, and more. Tangelo makes it easy to create, maintain, and integrate GRI indices into annual reports.


Client Spotlight: Philips’ Mandarin Reports

The Fortune Global 500 company impressed us yet again this season with a wonderful design on both its print and online annual reports. Published in both English and Mandarin, this is the 11th report Philips has created with Tangelo over the years.


Client Spotlight: Randstad’s Interactive PDF

This season, the HR services leader wanted to try something new. Showing off the versatility of Tangelo’s features, Randstad created an intuitive, interactive PDF.

The modern annual report, designed by Studio Dumbar, includes handy navigation tabs exclusive to the interactive version. The print, downloadable, and interactive versions of the annual report were all created seamlessly from a single source on Tangelo.


Client Spotlight: Stedin’s Style

Stedin, a green energy subsidiary of Eneco, released an incredible online report this season, along with a print version.

The website’s stylish design, created by Kruit, makes great use of background videos. Simple, unobtrusive, and tasteful, the videos bring the company’s annual report to life.


Client Spotlight: IMCD’s Sleek Design

A leader in the sale, marketing, and distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, IMCD produced a beautiful print report with Tangelo.

The fresh, clean design by Campagne  features a wonderful color scheme and fantastic photography.


Client Spotlight: SBM Offshore’s Art

Our award for the best artwork of the season goes to SBM Offshore.

The oil and gas leader’s annual report features design by Equation, including charming drawings of management and board members along with a beautiful cover.

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