Wrapping up Tangelo’s 2016 annual reporting season

2016 was a great year for Tangelo—our client base grew by about 50% as we expanded into the US, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the UK.

But enough about us: we’re even more proud of how our clients used Tangelo to create and publish stunning reports.

And while 2016 may have ended months ago, our 2016 annual reporting season just concluded with the publication of Eindhoven Airport’s report on April 26—the final ‘16 report among clients who end their fiscal years on December 31.

Since 2017 began, our clients have created almost 70 reports in-house using Tangelo—that’s about 10,000 pages in total.

Read on to see some of our favorite highlights.

Australasia: New Clients, Fresh Reports, Upcoming Events

In 2016, Tangelo made big waves in Australia and New Zealand. The year kicked off with a major Melbourne-based bank, which used Tangelo to create its interim report, annual results announcements, and financial reports—saving over 1,000 hours of work!

This year, we’ve seen a wave of reports from our newest clients in New Zealand:

If you’re in the Australasian area, come see us at one of these two upcoming events.

At the Australasian Reporting Awards on June 21-22 in Melbourne, we’ll be sponsoring the Special Award for Governance Reporting and presenting on “Effective Communication in Annual Reports: Trends & Constraints Across the World” at the 2017 Annual Seminar on Reporting.

You can also catch us at AIRA’s New Zealand Investor Relations Update on July 5 in Auckland, or at the 2017 Annual Conference on November 23 in Sydney.

Impressive Output from Our Clients

One of our newest clients, NIBC, a corporate bank in the Netherlands, created two reports using Tangelo: one for its banking division, and another for its holding.

They’re the largest reports of the season, at 346 pages and 325 pages respectively; each have two sets of financial statements, with 171 notes in total.

Thanks to Tangelo, the bank produced the reports in a shockingly short amount of time—just a couple of weeks! (Hey, we’re always happy to help out.)

De Volksbank, formerly known as SNS Bank, is a long-term client that produced a PDF and microsite this year.

While the design is sleek, what really impresses us is the content: the bank manages to eloquently address multiple stakeholders in its reports, from customers to employees to shareholders and society at large—in English and in Dutch!

VIVAT, the insurance branch of SNS Reaal that was acquired by Anbang in 2015, created several reports with Tangelo this year: VIVAT’s annual report, and mutual fund reports for Zwitserleven and Actiam.

Intertrust, another financial services company, used Tangelo for the first time this year in publishing its year-end financial report. The report features an elegant, modern design and fantastic photography, giving the company a meaningful human touch.

Finally, to turn to a client outside of financial services, SBM Offshore published an amazing annual report with consistently beautiful artwork stretching from its cover, to its page footer, to the images of the board and executive management.


In keeping with the extraordinary design, the report was peppered with great infographics that were complemented by charts created in Tangelo.

Speaking of which…

New Design Features & Continuing Trends

Charts are a relatively new feature, and one that the Tangelo community has embraced with open arms, with a 33% implementation rate.


Charts have proven to be of great value, with their polished look and easy setup. The charts are based on data pulled from an Excel sheet, and will automatically update as you change the values in the synced Excel file. You can publish the charts as vector images in PDFs or as dynamic charts in a microsite.

Glossaries are another widely used Tangelo feature, with roughly 80% to 90% of clients employing them in reports. Glossaries are particularly valuable on microsites, where terms can be explained via an intuitive popup shown upon hovering over a highlighting term.

While integrated reporting and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indices haven’t caught everywhere, virtually all Tangelo clients in Europe combine financial and non-financial results in integrated reports, with nearly half using a GRI index.

The Schiphol Group’s integrated report is a shining example of how Tangelo clients incorporate standard indices like the GRI.


Responsive web design has long been a trend in online annual reports, but the best companies are continuing to raise the bar ever higher. Virtually all microsites are responsive now, and more and more are optimized for tablets, too.

The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) is one of those clients raising the bar—check out their latest annual report to see what we mean.


Thanks to All Our Wonderful Clients

Another incredible reporting season has come to an end, and we’d like to give a big shout out to our amazing (and ever-expanding) group to clients.

From large listed companies (e.g. AEX funds Philips, Randstad, and DSM) to smaller ones (AFC Ajax), subsidiaries (AXA Winterthur, Switzerland), private companies (Q-Park, Eneco), mutual insurance companies (The Exeter, UK), government organizations on the federal, state, and local levels (20+ councils in The Netherlands use Tangelo for their planning and control cycle), and non-profits (CFA Boston)—we thank each and every one of you, and can’t wait to see what you create next season!

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