Tangelo Expands into Asia-Pacific with Major Melbourne Bank

Tangelo is expanding its global presence, expediting a planned office in Asia-Pacific on the heels of a pivotal new engagement with a major Melbourne-based bank.

The bank, our first client in Australia, signed a three-year deal in February 2016. The financial leader will use Tangelo’s platform to create its full range of external reports, including results announcements, full-year annual reports, half-year reports, annual reviews, and more.

“We’re thrilled to have this world-recognized bank as our first Australian client,” shared co-founder Erwin Groenendal, who visited the team in Melbourne with account manager Arie van Essen last December. “From the first web conference calls, it was immediately clear that Tangelo was a perfect fit to simplify the bank’s extensive financial reporting processes,” he said.

Due to their focus on complex financial information, banks and financial services companies benefit considerably from the Tangelo’s efficient, streamlined solution. “Beyond their use case, we also felt it was a great fit on a personnel level,” said Erwin. “Their staff are wonderful people—they’re very friendly and open. Our sessions were productive and fun. We’re all confident that this is the beginning of an enduring relationship.”

After a successful pilot project creating an annual report for the Tokyo Exchange, the Melbourne bank was extremely pleased and decided to close the deal.

Tangelo Expanding into Asia-Pacific

“As a cloud-based solution with 24/7 support, we’ve gotten a lot of interest from all over the world” shared Erwin. “Interest in Tangelo spans North America, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and now Australia and New Zealand.”

Tangelo already maintains a strong market position in Northwestern Europe, with our headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in Belgium, Germany, and the UK. Nearly 100 annual reports for the 2015/2016 season will be created and published in-house using Tangelo’s platform.

Our second hub is in New York, where we’re beginning to hire a local sales and technical team to serve clients in the United States and Canada.

Emboldened by our new banking client, Tangelo is accelerating plans to add a third hub in Australia, where we’ll manage our clients in Asia-Pacific. We now expect to fill out our local presence there by the latter half of 2016.

“While Tangelo already provides 24/7 support, these local hubs enable more face-to-face and on-site collaboration,” said Erwin. “This makes it even easier to provide end-user support in the same time zones. Our clients gain from having expert assistance around the clock to create and maintain their templates—it’s all about giving all our clients greater flexibility.”

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