Learn how a leading energy company leveraged Tangelo to spread the word about its sustainability efforts with print and online annual reports.

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Discover how the world’s largest network of eyewear stores used Tangelo to quickly create professional annual reports for its IPO.

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  • Read how this Fortune Global 500 uses Tangelo to publish award-winning online annual reports and reduce costs.

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  • Learn how the world’s second largest HR service provider utilized Tangelo to save money and win recognition for the Netherland’s Best Annual Report.

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  • Find out how the Netherland’s first savings bank easily published annual reports in Dutch and English with Tangelo’s enterprise solution.

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  • See how the business behind Amsterdam’s primary commercial airport produced engaging integrated reports with Tangelo.

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  • “Tangelo greatly reduces the workload, especially in the final stages of the annual report publication process, thus allowing more time for content-related quality control.”

    —Pascal Sluijter, Investor Relations Officer, Randstad Holding nv

  • “Tangelo has had a phenomenal impact on our half and full year-end reporting journey. It’s a highly efficient, user-friendly tool, backed by an agile, accommodating team.

    Overall, it’s saving us more than 1,000 hours of effort each year in the creation of just 8 documents, largely driven by the automation that allows us to work smarter. Previously, it’d take us 8 hours to refresh our 130-page document—now it’s just 5 minutes.

    The tool itself is highly collaborative, allowing us to review and communicate within the system. With almost all technical barriers removed from the process, staff satisfaction has increased dramatically ”

    –Service Delivery Manager, External Reporting, Major Melbourne-based bank

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