About Tangelo

Simplicity is ideal. Easy, efficient processes empower you to be more fluid and effective. Of course, getting there is harder than it looks — you need the right tools to unlock hassle-free productivity. That’s what Tangelo’s powerful enterprise solution achieves: we’ve simplified the experience of creating, managing, and publishing professional documents and other corporate content.

Driven by our customers’ evolving needs, Tangelo enables you to simultaneously produce print materials, websites, and mobile web apps from a single source, streamlining disorderly processes into an easy-to-follow, cost-saving solution. We take pride in listening carefully to client goals, developing forward-thinking technology, and helping hundreds of businesses across the world.

Our History


Founded in 1999 by Ad Nederlof and Erwin Groenendal, two seasoned tech professionals coming from Oracle and other leading companies, Tangelo Software organically grew from a small team in the Netherlands to a global platform. What began as a service-oriented company focused on new applications for emerging Oracle technologies, evolved into a robust enterprise-level platform.


In 2001, our team created an XML messaging system for travel company D-Reizen — a solution they retained for over a decade. This XML experience was put to use in a 2003 project to empower the University of Amsterdam to create printed program guides and analogous websites from a single source, still in use today.


By 2005, the solution was well established, with Fortune Global 500 company Philips using Tangelo to create its annual report. Philips continues to use Tangelo today, as it has for over 10 years. In that time, Philips has gone from printing tens of thousands of reports to printing only 800 in favor of its popular online version, complete with financial statements and notes. In the process, they’ve achieved incredible cost savings on typesetting, printing, and mailing expenses.


Today, Tangelo Software has expanded into Western Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific, with operational hubs and offices in Germany, New York, and Sydney, among other locations. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to anticipating emerging needs, innovating fearlessly, and making your work easier and more effective.