Case Study: SNS Bank

About SNS Bank

Dating back to the Netherland’s very first savings bank in 1817, SNS Bank has provided financial services for nearly two centuries. Formed from a consolidation of several banks, SNS Bank now serves 2.8 million customers and operates more than 200 local branches.


When it came time to create its annual reports, SNS Bank were up against the same challenges that many banks and financial service companies face: its annual reports were far larger, more complex, and data-heavy than most businesses. SNS Bank needed to dedicate countless hours to bring all this financial data together, construct tables and graphs, and update and verify the latest figures. That’s when they turned to Tangelo.


Today, SNS Bank relies on Tangelo to produce a variety of outstanding reports: the bank has published multiple annual reports with the platform, including an interactive online version with dynamic visualizations. Tangelo is also used to publish reports for former divisions of SNS REAAL that have since become separate entities, such as VIVAT and ACTIAM.

SNS Bank’s teams are able to collaborate seamlessly on centralized, cloud-based documents. By linking figures in graphs, tables, and paragraphs to Excel files, the bank can update all its numbers across the annual report with one click by syncing an updated Excel file.

Since all content is automatically formatted in line with a pre-determined style guideline, writers and editors can focus on what they do best. Thanks to its powerful collaboration tools, Excel syncing, and streamlined workflows, Tangelo’s solution helps SNS Bank save time and money on its annual reports.

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