Case Study: Randstad Holding

About Randstad Holding

As the second largest Human Resources service provider on earth, Randstad helps the world work. Founded in 1960 in the Netherlands, the company now operates in 39 countries and represents over 90% of the HR services market. Randstad became a well-known name in the United States after supplying 16,000 staff members to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. The company currently boasts over 28,000 employees and 4,500 branches across the globe.


Randstad publishes both print and online versions of its annual reports. Before Tangelo, Randstad had to work with two separate external agencies—one for print report and one for the web. Through three years, the process proved to be a giant headache.

“These parallel publication processes further increased the workload and time pressure inherent to the production of an annual report,” says reporting manager Carola La Grouw-Hromadka. “Changes had to be implemented and checked in two different versions.” Randstad wanted to spend less time on coordination, typesetting, and corrections, and more time crafting its message. That’s when they found Tangelo.


With Tangelo, Randstad publishes online and print annual reports from a single source, enjoying full control of the production process after establishing design guidelines. The company saves time and expenses while lowering the risk of miscommunications with external agencies. By linking and syncing Excel files to graphs, tables, and figures, it ensures that all versions of its report reflect the latest stats. Randstad’s team easily added videos, interactive graphics, and dynamic search functions to its online report.

For its 2015 annual report, the company opted for an online interactive PDF. With Tangelo, Randstad was able to create print-ready PDFs, downloadable PDFs, and online interactive PDFs all from a single source.

With the report creation, management, and publication under control, Randstad is free to focus on its message. “Tangelo greatly reduces the workload, especially in the final stages of the annual report publication process, thus allowing more time for content- related quality control,” says Pascal Sluijter, Randstad’s Investor Relations Officer.

The quality speaks for itself. In 2012, Randstad won the Henri Sijthoff prize for best annual report—the Netherland’s most prestigious award for financial reporting. IR Global Rankings named Randstad’s online annual report as the fifth best in the world in 2013. Thanks to Tangelo’s enterprise solution, Randstad’s reports cost less while impressing investors worldwide

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“Tangelo greatly reduces the workload, especially in the final stages of the annual report publication process, thus allowing more time for content-related quality control.”

—Pascal Sluijter, Investor Relations Officer, Randstad Holding nv

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