Case Study: Eneco

About Eneco

One of the Netherland’s largest energy companies, Eneco serves over 2.2 million residential and business customers. Providing natural gas, electricity, and heating, Eneco is committed to sustainable, responsible energy. With more then 3,500 employees, the company has made sustainability a key mission since 2006.

Eneco’s subsidiary, Stedin, helps fuel this mission. Stedin installs smart meters and adapts power grids to enable customers who produce their own energy (through solar panels, wind turbines, etc.) to feed it back into the grid. The subsidiary also helps transport energy safely and reliable.


While Eneco already produced annual reports in print, it wanted to reach more people with polished, professional online reports for itself and its subsidiary. When they realized how time-consuming creating a separate online version would be, the companies turned to Tangelo’s single source solution.


With Tangelo, Eneco and Stedin employees collaborate to write and edit their annual reports in a single, shared source document. This document is automatically formatted into both high-quality PDFs for print and an interactive website—saving considerable time, money, and effort.

With online annual reports that feature video, infographics, and more, the energy companies can reach broader audiences and showcase their work for sustainability. Optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobile, the annual reports are easy to read and absorb no matter what devices visitors use.

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